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"In The Book of Clouds, John A. Day, known around the world as the Cloudman introduces, or reintroduces, us to earth's great skyscape. His spectacular portfolio of cloud photographs forms the centerpiece of these glorious pages. A stunning cloud chart, an explanation of how clouds form, hints on forecasting, observing and photographing clouds, and his 'Ten Reasons to Look Up' (the first one is, 'It's the greatest free show on earth'), show us how to use our 'inner eye' to really see the familiar fleeting forms that seem to float effortlessly above."

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The Book of Clouds

The Book of Clouds

208 Pages Hard Bound

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Peterson Field Guides

Peterson Field Guides™ -- Atmosphere was written by Cloudman, John A. Day, with friend, Vincent J. Schaefer, and has detailed information,charts, and photographs of meteorological phenomena accumulated over years of laboratory, field and flight experiences.



Peterson First Guides™ -- Clouds and Weather is a simplified field guide to the atmosphere with information and photographs designed to introduce the science and aesthetics of the sky.


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Peterson Field Guide Books

Peterson Field Guides™ --

359 Pages/ Soft Bound
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Peterson First Guides™ --
Clouds and Weather

128 Pages/ Soft Bound
Retail  $6.95 USD

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