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Thick Cirrostratus with Stratus in the Foreground, Mt. Hood Sunrise, Willamette Valley, Oregon

These are just a few of the great resources available. Please pass your favorites to me here. Features my "Skyworks" educational CDROM and a site to interact with the1st edition of the "Skywatcher's Cloudchart". The most convenient, best displayed source of comprehensive weather information on the Internet. Link shown to the National Weather Service. Opening up this site is like tapping into a mother lode. It is a wonderful resource for anyone who wishes to learn more about snowcrystals: their history, classical photos, snow crystallography. Highly recommended. Open door to a large array of interesting information from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A wealth of information on meteorology Plymouth State College Meterology Program Cloud Boutique. Large (640 x 480) images show structure of clouds taken around Plymouth, New Hampshire. Brief explanation accompanies cloud names. Click on names to display cloud images. I have established a friendship with a skilled artist who loves to paint clouds and cloudscapes. His name is Jorge Fin, and he lives in Spain. You will enjoy checking out his website. Artist Simon Kenevan's fantastic rendering of sky, clouds and terra. He works primarily in pastels and is inspired through his deep connection with light. Totally excellent!! Noctilucent cloud photos by renowned Finnish photographer Pekka Parvianen. Learn about Wilson A. Bentley, "The Snowflake Man" and see a display of 26 marvelous snowflake crystal photographs. Visit Alan Stanley from the Isle of Man whose main interest is in the shapes of clouds. He'd like to see any unusual ones that you may have in your photo collection. I have never in my life seen such amazing pictures of the aurora. Stunning to say the least. Created by Jan Curtis, staff member of the Alaska Geophysical Center. Look in on a fascinating project of cloud observing by students around the world as a TERRA mission satellite overflies their location. Jack Borden, founder of FSS, has devoted the latter half of his life to persuading young people to LOOK UP AND SEE after a personal life-changing experience with the sky. Gordon Richardson's website contains a great array of cloud images from South Africa.

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