An Open Letter to Home School Parents

Hadrian's Wall, England

Mary sharing the sky with our children on an excursion near Scotland.

Dear Home School Parents,

How would you like to give your child a precious gift that will last a lifetime? This is the gift of insight, or, better, UPsight. It is the gift of learning to LOOK UP AND SEE. It is the gift of SEEING the ever-changing majesty and beauty in the domain of clouds, rainbows, halos, etc. It is the gift of raising the consciousness of your child to this new level of awareness where clouds are no longer commonplace, to be seen but not heeded. At this new level, each cloud is seen as a miracle of creation of the great Creator/Artist whose palette is the sky. When your child becomes enraptured by the sky, he/she is more likely to become enraptured by the fullness of Nature, and thus become open to the full development of his/her personality.

The time to make this impact is when your child is young and his/her mind is receptive to being "turned on". It helps if you have been given the gift by someone else, and are yourself "turned on". But no matter, you are where you are, and you must go forward from there.

Assuming your answer to the first question is a resounding "Yes, I want to give a gift to my child!", Cloudman suggests the following practical approach. Undertake to engage your child in the development of a Cloudman Discovery Notebook™. Start with a large three ring binder. This will contain a number of chapters drawn from the list of topics provided on my website, or ones you wish to add. All of the chapters involve activity on the part of the child, with parental guidance. Some activities relate most closely to scientific learning; others relate to art and aesthetic appreciation. You may wish to start with a few topics, and add others as time goes by. This could become a long range project lasting years.

LOOK UP AND SEE! The first challenge is to establish the habit of LOOKING UP. The second is to learn the difference between casual looking and SEEING with perception. This is a capability that develops over time, with continued practice.

The rewards of involvement in this project are enormous. You will add joy to the life of your child. And you, yourself, will experience joy as you participate with your child in developing "new eyes".


John A. Day, Ph.D. (a.k.a. Cloudman)

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